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Erectile dysfunction, what it is, types and who it affects
Erectile dysfunction, what it is, types and who it affects
Erectile dysfunction is defined as the enduring or repeated inability to achieve sufficient stiffness of the penis, and maintain it the necessary time to achieve a satisfactory sexual relationship. The term refers only to the capacity of erection of the penis and does not imply disorders of sexual desire, ejaculation or orgasm. In order to determine the existence of erectile dysfunction, the condition must be prolonged for a minimum of three months.
Despite being a benign disorder, the impact of this problem affects the psychosocial health of the individual and can cause a significant alteration of the quality of personal life and family and couple environment.
Types of erectile dysfunction
Various physical and psychological factors are involved in erectile function, which is why altering one or more factors can lead to erectile dysfunction. We can classify it into three groups:
Organic: it can be secondary to vascular lesions (most commonly 60-80%), neurological (10-20%), hormonal (5-10%) or local.
Psychogenic: due to a dysfunction of the erectile mechanism without physical injuries.
Mixed: due to the combination of organic and psychic factors.
Who is affected
Erectile dysfunction is a health problem of high prevalence among men over 40 years of age, and has an important impact on the quality of life of the affected male, as well as that of his partner.
The assessment of male sexual dysfunctions in Western society, and perhaps especially in the urban environment, has increased dramatically in recent years. The medical consultation for this problem has grown not only because of a need for solution, but in some cases, to improve sexual performance.
Until recently, there was hardly any epidemiological data on erectile dysfunction, due to the lack of research studies in this regard, and the fact that many patients and health professionals find it embarrassing to treat sexual problems during the consultation. Only 16.5% of men consult their own due to this problem.
On the other hand, the recent availability of oral drugs with a good efficacy and safety profile for the treatment of erectile dysfunction has transformed the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to this problem.
A study carried out in the United States between 1,290 men, aged between 40 and 70, estimated that the overall prevalence was 52%.
The EDEM study (Epidemiology of Male Erectile Dysfunction), which was conducted in 2,476 Spanish males, aged 25 to 70, found some degree of erectile dysfunction in 12.1%. The prevalence in Spain is estimated between 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 men.

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